DIY: Jewellery Frame

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

 I had nothing to do today so I decided to get a bit creative. My jewellery collection has been getting bigger and bigger and I couldn't even use any of it because it was sitting in a box getting more and more tanged everytime I tried to take something out! It's so pointless having all this pretty jewellery and not being able to wear it. Before long i was googling ways to display jewellery and came across a few framed necklace holders. I already had a corkboard from uni and luckily brought it back with me so that provided the frame and the backboard. Now I could've left it like this but of course I had to prettify it a bit with some fabric on the back. Then it was just a case of pinning on my jewellery. This was after i spent 2 hours untangling it! Actually the majority I ended up chucking out because it had turned rusty or broken in the muddle. Now I can show off my necklaces and bracelets, whilst also being able to get to them without spending 20 mins untangling. Perfect.

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