Flowers and Bows

Monday, 30 September 2013

I had a lovely time in London and to top it off, we had a meal on Sunday for my gran's birthday which was delicious. You really can't beat a sunday roast, especially now the weather has decided to turn chilly. And of course it needed to be followed by a lemon tart. yum yum yum. I decided to wear my lovely jacket (which just has my name written all over it) with a cami and black skirt. This jacket is perfect with so many outfits. I've also worn it with a black dress for evening-wear and I spotted someone wearing one in London with jeans and a white vest and it even looked amazing like that! I also put my hair up with a bow (and suffered all day being bullied by my sister because of it) and popped on some pink lippy of course. I love this belt as well. I picked it up for just £1 from Primark (what a surprise!) the other day and it just works perfectly to add that little something extra to an outfit. That little thing that you often can't put your finger on, well this is it! 

 Jacket- Primark, £17

Cami- River Island (past season)
Skirt- Topshop, £16
Belt- Primark, £1
Bow- Vintage

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