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Monday, 30 September 2013

Now I love a onesie just as much as the next person and was very quick to jump on the bandwagon 3 years ago when I was living in uni halls. Our flat consisted of a reindeer, cow, zebra and a rabbit (as well as a monkey across the corridor) which, at the time, we didn't even question. Any time was appropriate for a onesie, no matter which character you chose to be. They're comfortable, warm, and so easy to chuck on...what's not to like? 

Ok so wearing a onesie when having a comfy night in with friends is absolutely fine, but I draw the line there. I'm not really sure when it became socially acceptable to wear a glorified baby grow public but it definitely happened...and is still happening. One of my all-time hates is PODs. Public Onesie Displays. This is an exact example when celebrities do not know best. I would say onesies are the middle-ground between pyjamas and loungewear; slightly more acceptable than simply rolling out of bed but perfect for lounging around the house when the days start to get a bit chillier. I am a proud onesie lover but would never wear them outside, not even just to the shop on my road.
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Saying this, I know plenty of people who are more than happy to walk along the high street in a fleece babygrow. Maybe not so much with the animal characters, but in fairisle prints and plain colours. I'm not entirely sure whether it's a case of being brave or maybe just slightly lazy but the trend will no doubt re-emmerge at this time of year. The onesie season has officially begun! Whether you prefer to keep your onesies inside or are brave enough to wear them out, there are some lovely designs around and I've picked a few of my favourite from across the web:
Kigu owl onesie, £50.00, asos

These Kigu onesies from asos look super-comfy as they're oversized with larger sleeves and dropped crotches. This is borderline slanket (the blankets with sleeves) but looks so cosy!

Camari Unicorn Onesie, £24.99, missguided

These two pinky onesies are some of the cutest I've seen, as well as some of the cheapest online. I especially love the unicorn version.       

Payton Onesie in pink, £22.99, missguided

Cream Faux Fur Snood All-In-One, £46, next
I'm in love with this faux fur snood onesie. This I would definitely consider wearing outside as it looks more tracksuity than pyjamary! Also the snood looks so cosy! And this heart onesie is such a bargain at £20. Definitely one to be kept for pj's!  
Berry Heart All-In-One, £20, next

What are your thoughts on onesies? Would you brave it and wear one outside or should they be kept for loungewear?

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  1. Onesie Direction! ;) I much prefer a good leotard! Such a cute post!

    xo Noelle

    MakiMaki Vintage