Thursday, 26 September 2013

 I'm a bit blog-happy today, writing 2 posts but I was so happy to re-find this playsuit in my wardrobe that I just had to share it! I must've had it for a few years now but wasn't so keen on the shape before (it has lots of frills and ruffles on the sleeves and shorts) but now I love it! The print is just perfect for this time of year as well- I'm not quite ready to let summer slip out of my grasp but I 'm also not keen on the idea of freezing. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new topshop lip paint which I've completely forgotten to do a post on (straight to the top of my list!) It's a lovely bright orangey colour and just fits this outfit perfectly.
I desperately wanted to wear some brown brogues or moccasins with this playsuit but I threw mine out a few months ago (they were so gross!) so I need a trip to primark to pick up another pair! Anyway i just popped on some black pumps and my satchel. I absolutely love this satchel, it goes with EVERYTHING and it was so cheap as well so I definitely guarantee getting one!
I've just realised that actually my whole outfit is from primark! You can tell I'm a bargain hunter! It's from different years and seasons though so you'd never know...
P.S. sorry about the awful photo quality, I had to use my phone as my camera wasn't charged (silly me!)

Playsuit- Primark
Shoes- Primark
Satchel- Primark
Leather Jacket- Primark

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