Primark aw13 wishlist

Saturday, 14 September 2013

1- Rose Print Tea Dress, £8
2- Baroque Shorts, £10
3- Coat, £25
4- Gold Hoop Earrings, £3
5-Check Shift Collar Dress, £17
6- Handbag, £10
7- Tartan Scarf, £4
8- Blue Polka Dot Bobble Jumper, £14
9- Lace Shorts, £12
10- Roll Neck Jumper, £10
11-Slingback Heels
12- Rose Print Jumper
13- Faux Fur Coat, £35
14- Pale Pink Coat, £32
15- Wrap Skirt, £10
16- Stone Earrings, £2
17- Gold Twisted Chain, £3
18- Pink Jumper
19- PU Collar Metallic Top, £12
20- Tartan Skirt, £10
21- Teal Bag, £10
22- Rose Tapestry Jacket, £17
23- Skater Dress, £8
24- Crushed Velvet Skater Skirt, £8
25-Floral Dress, £13

I love Primark. So when I spotted the AW13 Primark Collection on, I had to take a peek. Boy, i wish i hadn't bothered. I've fallen in love with far too much that my bank balance would ever allow! Primark always seem to hit in on the nail or completely miss in my opinion although the AW13 collection looks like a winning set. The collection consisted of LOTS of tapestry jackets (luckily I've just bought one so I can strike that off my list) along with tartan, baroque patterns, winter florals and sweatshirts galore! I also spotted a crazy amount of strappy heels. I love these shoes on anyone apart from me, they just don't work with wide feet! I also wouldn't of thought they would carry into A/W for practical reasons more than anything (noone likes frozen tootsies) but these Primark versions are definitely worthy of a much more expensive price-tag for beauty alone. Anyway I've picked my favourite pieces from the revealed items and if i can get my hands on a few of these gems, I'll be a happy bunny. That's part of the fun with Primark, it's like a race! Once you see something you love, there's no chance you can just 'come back another day', you have to buy it on the spot! Of course this results in money budgets being thrown out the window (at least in my case anyway!) 

I trawled through so many photos to find my favourites for this wish list and although it's not exactly concise, I just couldn't cut it down!The floral dress I absoloutely HAVE to get my hands on. It will definitely disappear in amongst it's identical twins in my wardrobe, but it's so cute! I've also been dying for a leopard print coat after I gave mine away a few years ago and this one is exactly what i want, it looks so cosy and so cheap as well! If i spot one of these, I'll be snapping it up right away! Other faves are the tartan scarf- will be perfect for bringing any outfit up to date for the season and the crushed velvet skirt. I've got a bit of an obsession for velvet, I just love the feel and how the colours change in the light. This skirt would be perfect for a night out with a little button-up shirt. I could go on forever about these beauties but until I get my hands on any of them, i'll stop for now...

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