Maxfactor colour elixir giant pen stick

Sunday, 15 September 2013

I'm one of those people who pop into a makeup store and emerge an hour later with a collection of lipstick stripes covering my hands and wrists. It always takes me ages to decide on a colour and then once I have decided, they always look different when you actually wear them! Anyway, I love trying out new lipstick colours and textures and am always buying different brands to compare. This time it was Maxfactor's Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick (Details here)
I originally bought my first pen stick a few months ago and was really impressed with the results. I was looking for a bright pink colour and stumbled across the Vibrant Pink (15) shade in my local Boots store. Maxfactor's website claims that the product will 'Line and fill lips in-one' which is a bonus as you don't need to buy a matching liner. The tip does have to be fairly sharp to get a crisp line, however, which is a little tricky when sharpening. The pens are longer than I have pictured because I have sharpened them a few times.

The colour is super-bright even with just one application and lasts for ages! I've never had a lipstick that lasted so long! When first applied, the colour has a gloss coat which is not normally something I would go for it looks so luscious with the bright colour! I have found that the gloss fades after a while but the colour stays for absolutely ages. I have even fallen asleep and it's still been on the morning after (much to my shock when i looked in the mirror!) not as a glossy colour but as more of a lip stain. The colour seems to sink into the lips to ensure it stays in place for AGES! It will transfer onto anything you touch, however, and leaves glasses with a pink strip around the top but in terms of lipsticks, I haven't yet found one that does not leave this trace. (If you have, let me know!!)
At first glance, I thought the pen would be a twist-up and was disappointed when I realised it wasn't. The top seemed really smooth and I didn't realise that in fact the 'pen' is in fact a pencil. I've heard that some people have had trouble finding a sharpener the right size for the pen, although my standard double sharpener seems to fit fine. It does make a lot of mess when sharpened as the core is soft but there is not a lot of waste, just some bright pink hands!
I more recently purchased the Designer Blossom (30) shade as I was looking for a bright red that wasn;t too dark. I looked for ages and eventually stumbled upon this shade. To be honest, I'm not sure why I didn't check this range earlier after how impressed I was by the Vibrant Pink.
I am equally as impressed with this version. The colour is a scarlet red and shows bright on the lips in a lovely glossy shade. It's not quite as in-your-face as the pink but is the exact shade I was looking for- having an orangey undertone rather than blue. It's much harder to find a lipstick like this than you would think but I'm super happy with this one.
I will definitely buy more of these, perhaps in the Subtle Coral and Princess Rose shades as I'm super impressed with the look and how long they last. Hopefully they'll bring out some more colours as well because at the moment the selection is pretty limited. The price is very reasonable as well, mine cost £6.99 each from Boots.

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