Maybelline's Baby Lips

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

So I recently caved and bought one of Maybelline's Baby Lips. I've read so many reviews saying that they're not great but I think it was the fact they would just look so cute in my makeup bag more than anything that resulted in me hastily ripping pink punch from it's packaging. I'm sure you're all aware of the hype these adorable lipbalms have caused amongst bloggers and beauty-lovers alike and this seems to be mainly due to the packaging. I don't know about you but I am an absolute sucker for pretty packaging (it's bad I know) but so seem to be the majority of beauty buyers. Just look at the likes of Benefit and Soap and Glory. It's quite reasonable to say the majority of people buying these brands would not have done if they didn't look so cute and girly (regardless of the product inside). Anyway, I've kind of gone into a ramble. What I'm trying to say is that had Baby Lips not looked so adorable on the shelf, I don't think they would've been as popular as they are from the outset.
The product inside the packaging, took me on a rollercoaster of thoughts and I still keep changing my mind on the little stick. Initially it was the colour I loved. It's the exact shade i would normally buy in a lipstick but more moisturising (and so therefore glossy) I tend to be quite generous with my lipbalm application although I do have to be careful where I am applying this one due to the high pigmentation for a balm. Also, they smell lovely! Pink Punch is very fruity, quite berry-like and I think suits the colour perfectly. It definitely moisturised my lips while I was wearing which is essential for a lipbalm really.
My initial delight wasn't long-lived though as I found I needed to reapply regularly and definitely more frequently than the 8 hour moisturisation claimed. I then began to wonder if this sweet-smelling pink delight was barely more than a simple balm with a bit of colour. Of course it wasn't expensive in the first place but an '8 hour moisturisation' claim is a pretty bold one. 
Despite this, I have continued to use the balm and have recently become more impressed with the results. (again) Previous lip balms, although appearing to do good, tend to dry my lips out more as they become dependant on the moisture. A day without use would result in my lips becoming a cracked mess. However, I haven't used Baby Lips for 2 days and it seems my lips feel just as moisturised as they do while wearing. The website claims 'Lips renewed in one week' Now I'm not sure that my lips are 'renewed' but they definitely feel moisturised and look a great colour too.

I'm impressed with this product overall and will be purchasing again. At the price (£3.99 from Boots) you can't really go wrong. Peach Kiss is top of my list!

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  1. I might give this a try but I have heard loads of good and bad reviews