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Thursday, 12 September 2013

I'm finding it so hard picking outfits at the moment because of the weather. I just don't want to give up on my summer wardrobe yet! The result is a kind-of miss match of summer dresses and knitwear which i think actually works pretty well. Of course the tights are out (booo) but at least I can carry on wearing the cute floral dresses I love so much without being freezing cold. It seems to be a British thing to panic-dress everytime the seasons start to change. As soon as September approaches and the days are a little colder, coats are dragged from the back of the wardrobe and bikinis thrown in their place. It seems we can only cope with the weather at it's extremes- boiling hot or freezing cold. But it's those in-betweeny seasons which are the most fun to dress for! You can have the pick of all clothes and mix and match different wardrobes which would never normally see each other. What's not to love? So this year (and hopefully in the years to come) i'm embracing the in-betweeny seasons and becoming matchmaker to my wardrobe. 

I've definitely not got enough wear out of this dress this summer so i'm taking it with me into autumn, I originally was going for a slouchy cardigan but once I spotted this jumper, I knew it was a match made in heaven. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to wear the boots I bought in the Spring H&M sale which, if i remember correctly, were way too small on my feet at the time (yes, they should've been returned but everyone can lose weight on their feet, right?). Luckily I kept them cos it seems that not only do they match the daisy centre colour perfectly, but they also fit my feet now! Yay! I popped on a cute vintage necklace and was good to go :) 

Jumper- Primark (stolen from my sister's wardrobe, shh!)
Necklace- Vintage
Boots- H&M sale

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