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Friday, 20 September 2013

Okay so I have 0 money but I just can't stop buying things! Normally when I have no money I stay away from the shops, I become house-bound but because I had to pop into town a couple of times this week, it's ended in disaster! Clothes everywhere! I say this like I'm complaining but I love it really (even if my bank balance doesn't) So I just thought I'd do a little post on my recent purchases as the season starts to change. I'll warn you now, I got a little snap-happy!

Jumper- £9, George at Asda
Dress- H&M (about a year ago)
Floral Crown- £4, Primark
Watch- Casio 
I've been looking for a cropped jumper for a while now and when I spotted this on the George website a few weeks ago I loved it. Of course when it went into the sale for half price, I just had to order one. When I picked it up though I was surprised at how bright the pink is, it looked quite a muted pink here but I decided to be brave! I'm normally quite a pastel person rather than bright colours but it does actually go with much more than it should do. Also it just happens to match both a lipstick I have and a floral crown I picked up from Primark a few months ago, bonus! The colour is right on trend for A/W and it's nice and warm too.
Cardigan- £12, Primark
Dress- H&M (about a year ago)
Satchel- £9?, Primark
Watch- Casio
Ok so when I saw these cardigans in Primark a few weeks ago it wasn't love at first sight (although I'm not quite sure why) but when I popped in earlier this week, I had a change of heart. I snapped up the last pale pink version in my size, completely ignoring the black ones. BIG MISTAKE! I so wish I had bought a black one originally because when I got home, I changed my mind and decided I wanted the black. Anyway, it's 3 sizes too big (although you can't even tell) but I much prefer this one. I actually can't think of anything it won't go with so will be perfect for just throwing on before heading out. The only problem is that it's a little short at the back but that's barely an issue. I've seen these cardigans everywhere recently but never as cheap as Primark.
Scarf- £4, Primark
I'd already longed for this scarf in my Primark wishlist here although it was a slightly different colour i think but I picked one up this week and have worn it a few times already. It looks great with a leather jacket or the black dress coming up...
Scarf- £1, Charity Shop

I'm aware that 2 scarves in one week is a bit greedy but I can't get enough of them, and this one was only £1 so it's totally justified. It's just so pretty, need I say more?
Jumper- £16, George at Asda

So apparently I'm loving George at the moment. Actually that's not news to me, I do love their clothes and they're actually really good quality as well which, as you will all know, is very hard to find for an affordable price. This jumper had me written all over it. I deliberately bought it a few sizes larger so it's be nice and slouchy for the winter. It's also SO WARM and is just generally really cute. I can imagine this jumper being from Topshop or something at a much higher price.
Top- Primark
Skirt- £5, Primark

Oh how i love a Primark sale. I'd seen this skirt a few times before and it stared back at me but I never picked it up. I gave in this week though and at just £5 it's so cheap and I can see it being worn loads! I actually love the fit, it's so simple and could even be dressed up for the evenings. You can't really see but it has buttons going down the front too and the belt came with it so I can add that to my 'skinny belts that have come with stuff' collection (this is now quite impressive). Ok, I'm almost done, I swear...
Swing Dress, £10- George at Asda

I LOVE THIS DRESS. It's so versatile and I can literally just chuck it on and go. I also have it in a dark green and they do a red version too although I haven't indulged in this one. It's such a wardrobe basic and fits just great as well. It's the perfect length to wear with/without tights and can be worn for literally everything. I know they do loads of swing dresses on ASOS too so I'm definitely going to be checking those out to see if I can get a floral one.

Okay so that's it really. I did also get some scrunchies (god know what came over me) and an orange lip paint from the Topshop sale which is totally out of my normal colour schemes (and comfort zone) but I'll be doing a post on that in the next couple of days. Thanks for reading :) 

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