Thursday, 3 October 2013

I'm going Barry M mad at the moment but I absoloutely love this collection! I've heard that many people are not keen on the finish of these paints but I'm completely hooked (as you can tell by the messy bottles!) They've been out for a while now but are still available to buy and I believe they've recently added more colours too! Firstly, the 18 shades in this collection are amazing, from blackberry to mango to grapefruit to guava, there's a fruity colour for everyone. I've round up the collection in our house to do a little review on 4 of the versions available: Blood Orange, Lychee, Prickly Pear and Key Lime.

So the whole point in these lovely polishes is to replicate the look of gel nails (but without the price tag!) I only think this is actually possible if you already have fairly long nails, but they still look great whatever your nail length. The paler colours needed a couple of coats but the green and red were a perfect solid colour after just the one. They also dried fairly quickly which was quite a surprise as I thought they would take longer and be much thicker than the standard nail paint. They definitely left a glossy finish which keeps the polish looking fresh and newly applied. I also found that they were more chip resistant than usual which is a great bonus! I apologise in advance for the messy application- I was in a rush to show all the shades!
Blood Orange is a deep red colour, rather than a blood orange really but looks super-glossy and rich, such a great colour!
This shade is my favourite! It's a lovely lilac and is just so girly. This one does need at least 2 coats, if not 3 but as they dry quickly it's not so much of a pain.
 Key Lime is not for every occasion and definitely makes quite a statement. The colour is lovely and bright- definitely a summer shade and got to this look with just the one coat.
Last is Lychee which is a creamy vanilla colour. This looks perfect with a tan and I found made my hands look more bronzed than they actually were (always a bonus) it's also nice and natural and of course very glossy.

Which colours have you tried and which are your favourites?


  1. I love the gelly shines I have them all xx

    1. ah I'm so jealous, I may have to invest in some more :)

      abi x