Thursday, 31 October 2013

This post may be a little different to usual, but I just thought I'd let you all know about a little blogging group I've recently joined called the #BritishBloggerSelection. Basically it's a lovely idea thought up by Ellie at Little Vintage Camera to bring together...well, British bloggers!
The aim is for all members to write about a particular topic, but all in our own little ways. It's absolutely perfect if you're just getting started into the world of blogging, or perhaps just suffer from bloggers block every now and again and need some inspiration.

Anyway, no matter the blog theme or style, all British bloggers are invited to join the group and if you're interested, just head over to Little Vintage Camera and shoot Ellie an email with your blog URL, blog name and your full name. Simple as!


  1. I'm sooo in. New follower by the way. you can view my blog at http://accordingtosd.blogspot.com