Casio Mini Watch

Thursday, 17 October 2013

I've been eagerly awaiting the postman for the last few days and was so excited when I heard the door yesterday as he brought my new casio watch. YAYY! I've never been one for watches (probably because I wear too many bracelets for one to fit!) but recently I've found myself craving one. Cue the casio watch. I've stolen borrowed my sister's blue casio a couple of times but I eventually got caught so it was about time I had my own.

I was so happy when I opened the box and saw this little gem. As it's a mini version, it's much cuter than I expected and is less masculine than the traditional casio size. I love how old-school casio watches look. Just simple, trustworthy, digital watches. The burgundy face colour is lovely (and just so happens to match my nails perfectly) and although the strap is ENORMOUS on my chubby wrists, it's super-easy to adjust to the right size. 
After I'd fully inspected my new toy, I began to explore the features. Stopwatch and timer. Check. Calendar. Check. Daily alarm. Check. All of these features I will probably never use (that's what an iPhone is for) but it's nice to know they're there (in case I perhaps lose my phone and then need to time a race while forgetting what the date is?) I'm also grateful for the water resistance because I can pretty much guarantee that my wrist will be plunged into a full washing up bowl at some point without thinking!
*casio mini ladies silver tone digital watch*
I'm really happy with my new (and only) watch and will definitely be putting it to good use! Make sure you keep an eye out in future outfit posts!
My watch is available from The Watch Hut where they stock loadsss of casio and other brand watches as well and the prices are great (some of their casios are under half the price of asos'!) I'll definitely be visiting again, next on my wishlist is the gold version. 


  1. Oh this looks quite cute. I wish my watch had a stopwatch and timer haha. I think they should incorporate that feature into all womens watches, no matter how elegant they look.

  2. I love Casio watches, this one is so cute- I need to get one!


  3. I have the big gold Casio of this and I loveeee it!! Classic pieces x