Maybelline Vintage Leather Nail Polish

Monday, 21 October 2013

I absoloutely love matte nails and although I was impressed by BarryM's versions, their colour selction is really shocking (review here). So when I heard about Maybelline's Vintage Leather nail polishes, I was dying to try them. These are supposed to look like old, distressed leather and have a matte appearance with grainy flecks. I picked up 'Red Grained' from Boots for £2.99 without a second thought and couldn't wait to give it a go.

 The polishes almost do what they say on the tin. I'm not so sure that I'm reminded of vintage leather but the matte, distressed, grainy look is certainly clear. In terms of colour, I absoloutely love it. Red Grained shows up as an orange-red and is a lovely rich colour. It works well with the matte effect and looks different to any effect I've tried in the past. It also dries pretty much instantly which is perfect if you're as impatient as I am. Honestly, that's the worst part about painting nails, the waiting around after! The non-existant waiting time makes it pretty much impossible to get dents or smudges meaning it's completely fool-proof!
I was in love with this purchase until I woke up the next day. The polish was applied around 4pm and by 9am the next morning was chipped halfway-down most nails. I didn't quite understand how I could've lost so much colour whilst doing absoloutley nothing, so reapplied straight on top in a rush. Because of the gariny, uneven look, I found you can't really tell if the layer below is chipped (which I suppose is a good thing) although a few hours later, I had uneven, chipped nails. Then when I tried to remove the colour, it ended up staining both my nails and fingers and also left behind flecks of glitter (don't ask me why!).
I'm so disappointed in this polish because my first impressions were so good, but a nail varnish which lasts only a few hours even when you're asleep is not ideal. 


  1. Lovely, vibrant shade and an interesting variant of the Christmas red :o). Xx

  2. interesting i love matte nails too and it is hard to find fab polishes in the range. thanks for the review

  3. That is ridiculous! I can't believe it chipped so quickly I'd be so annoyed :') I do love the colour and the idea of vintage leather, but I guess it is probably just a fancy more appealing name for matte :L
    I love the design of your blog, it looks so nice!

    Other Infinities

  4. The colour is certainly gorgeous but the staying power doesn't sound so great. You're blog is amazinggg! I've just been reading through lots of old posts Xx

    Olivia -

  5. I have Ageless Olive from this collection and I LOVE it! Check out my Top 10 Fall Nail Polishes vid sometimes-it made the list!!