#TBT | The Halloween Edit And First #BritishBloggerSelection Post

Thursday, 31 October 2013

I really wanted to do a halloween post on the spookiest day of the year but I wasn't really feeling making a themed wishlist as I've seen so many this year already. Then I had the bright idea that Halloween falls on a thursday aka throwback thursday, so here it is. TBT The halloween edit. 

Halloween has always been celebrated in our house and I've always seen it as one of my favourite times of the year. We never used to do the trick-or-treat type thing, but instead had a family night in with decorations and themed food; anything from eyeball cakes to green slimy jelly. Without fail, my sister and I would dress up every year and, although we now hit the town, the dressing-up is still in full-force. I love any opportunity to take on a different identity and love getting all dressed up in costumes and makeup. It's a shame we still don't have a dress-up box as I would happily spend my days dressing up as anyone or anything. As it happens, we don't have it anymore (probably because I am 22 and my sister 19) which means I have to settle for halloween. I absolutely love to go out every year as you can guarantee everyone will make an effort and will look great. You know when you turn up to a costume party and one person has clearly make a zillion more effort that everyone else? Yeah, that person is me. I always spend hours making an outfit and turn up to find that people have only bothered with half a costume (party poopers!) but at halloween, pretty much anything goes as I'm sure you'll all know (we've all seen our fair share of almost-too-controversial costumes!)
The last three years I have spent halloween at uni (where I saw a lot of these controversial costumes!) so I'm looking forward to my first night out in my hometown. As usual, I have my costume fully organised and can't wait to give it a spin so keep your eyes peeled this weekend for an outfit post with a twist!
Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween!

    Love all your costumes here :) especially the one in 2010. I'm dressing as a devil this evening which is so unoriginal but I hate dressing up :L


    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  2. Your blog is perfect! xxx

    Love Sim xo