The Skort

Thursday, 24 October 2013

I remember my 8-year old self owning a few skorts (oh, the 90's) but I hadn't seen such a thing since, until a few months ago. When I first spotted the skort this summer, I had an flashback to the days I very reluctantly had to wear brown culottes every Thursday to brownies.  I absolutely hated these brown culottes at the time and they are still stuck in my childhood peeves. Now, I know culottes are a little different to skorts but i group them in the same category as they both serve the same purpose: modesty in skirt form. A genius concept mainly worn by tennis players and small children who don't quite understand ladylike mannerisms yet. 


Because of the popularity of the skort lately, i thought I'd see what i could find and possibly change my mind on the whole concept. Zara was first on the skort comeback scene this summer and have even re-issued more stock for a/w. In usual style, many retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and created their own versions. It's actually a brilliant idea to put shorts under a skirt and there's no doubt the main appeal for these is practicality. You know those days when you just want to wear a skirt but there's gale-force winds outside? Or when you need to exit a car but are restricted by your clothing? But that's about it. I can't really think of any other reason to opt for a skort over a skirt (unless of course you're a child or tennis player). It's no doubt one of the cleverer fashion combos and totally makes sense, but just doesn't seem to click in my mind. I'm loving the 90's fashion revival of 2013 but this is a step too far for me, I can still see those brown culottes in the back of my mind and it's going to take a while to shake those off!

Now you may of guessed that I'm not really a fan but what do you think about skorts?


  1. Love the skorts! I have one and I use it a lot!

    Just a little prettier

  2. I have not tried any skorts but I hope they will stay in fashion for a while so I can wear them next season.

  3. I actually quite like skorts because it means you can look girly but not have to worry about your modesty too much. However, I really don't like the Zara-style skorts! Every retailer seems to be producing similar ones and I don't like the style, it looks weird.

  4. I used to wear skorts all the time when I was a kid... they are definitely a throwback piece though I think they look a lot trendier now than they did in the 90s!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. This is great selection! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Skorts to me look great! But not sure how great they'd look on myself, have you tried them on? x