Weekly Roundup #1

Sunday, 20 October 2013

I've seen a few of these on other blogs and always enjoy reading them so thought it was about time I started my own; Introducing the first weekly roundup! Basically I'm planning on doing a little summary every week using my instagram pictures, pretty simple really so I'll kick the first one off!

It's been the most successful week for my blog so far which I'm so excited about, but more about that in a bit! The week started off fairly quiet with a couple of nights in with my new slippers. I think I had a moment of madness when I bought these as they are completely ridiculous but i don't even care, they're so cosy! 
My casio watch arrived wednesday which I was so excited about as it's the first product I've been sent specifically to review my blog. I don't normally wear watches but I've barely peeled this off since I got it! I love it! 
Speaking of love, I spotted this in new look and it's definitely shot to the top of my wants/needs list. I actually featured it in a post wishlist a while ago and it's even nicer in the flesh, or should i say fur (hehe)
Anyway, onto the highlight of my week. Yesterday the makeup brand MUA featured my blog on their facebook page. I was so happy my posts were getting noticed, but had absolutely no idea just how much this would influence my little blog. Before I knew it, I had reached over 1100 pageviews yesterday alone (which is a ridiculously large amount compared to my average) and gained a load of new followers on both GFC and bloglovin so thankyou to each of you for that! This has definitely inspired me to keep working hard on my little space and I'm so grateful to everyone that reads my blog. It's lovely knowing that people enjoy what I'm sharing.
I hope everyone's had a lovely week :)


  1. Wow congratulations on getting mentioned by MUA! That's great :)
    Lovely blog - following!
    x x


  2. Thats amazing news! Congratulations! It's nice to know I will be one of your original followers as your blog continues to grow! Well you deserve it, your blog is lovely :)

    Sarah x
    This Is Blog Standard

  3. Well done about MUA, thats such a achievement, plus its always lovely to know your getting recognised! Lovely blog too so you fully deserve it :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Lovely posts and congrats on being mentioned by MUA! You have such a cute blog by the way and you now have a new follower :), I would love if you could swing by my blog sometime :)


    >>fashion nerdette<<

  5. Well done with the MUA mention Abi, thats so good!
    I wish I knew how to grow my blog as quickly as you have, im useless at it x

  6. I love reading Weekly Roundup posts, great start! Congrats on all of the additional followers :)

    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  7. Just discovered your wonderful little blog :) Can't wait for future posts now!

    Lauren xo

  8. Congratulations! Such a great achievement and I hope there's many more great things to come for you! X

  9. Congratulations! That's amazing, you're lovely little blog deserves to be recognised!

    Kirsty, xo
    - clothes, shoes & boys with tattoos

  10. I love these type of posts too, congrats about the MUA feature! :)


  11. Love the watch, very retro :)