Abi Does Baking

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

This post is a little different to usual but I just had to show you all what I've been baking recently! 
I love to do a spot of baking, normally my attempts result something not-so-edible-looking but it never stops me! I had a slice of the most delicious red velvet cake a few weeks ago and when I spotted this box in the supermarket, it just had to be done! Okay okay, so I didn't make them from scratch but at least they taste yummy (which they most definitely wouldn't of done if I had made them from scratch!) Everything was included in this box, I just had to add 2 eggs, a drop of water and oil and some butter for the icing and the rest is all prepared which means its near-on impossible to muck up (yay!) and you get more time to lick the bowl! (double yay!). This of course I took advantage of and, then ended up feeling sick because I couldn't bear to leave a single drop in the bowl (I should've learnt by now) 10 minutes later though, I was sitting with a cup of fruit tea and a yummy cupcake.


  1. Yum these look so perfect.
    I need to find the perfect cupcake recipe for Christmas!


  2. Those look awesome!
    What a great holiday treat!


  3. I bake for a living these days and a decent red velvet cake recipe was my nemesis! It's incredible how popular red velvet is but they are so damn yummy with that cream cheese icing.

    These cupcakes look wonderful! :)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  4. oh these loook amazingly delicious! :)

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  5. They look yummy. I might do some baking tomorrow and improve my decorating skills!


  6. What is the template you're using in your blog?


  7. Baking is one of my favorite hobbies! These red velvet cupcakes look soooo yummy :) Love the design of your blog! It's adorable! Newest follower :)