Cheapy Lipsticks

Friday, 8 November 2013

It's nice to have a lipstick splurge every now and again, and I'm the first to admit that I love a fresh new lip colour. I love to experiment with different colours and finishes and love a new trend but I have to admit that I usually stick to the same few brands for my lip colours. I'm sure many are the same, slipping into 'comfort zones' with makeup; once i've found something I'm happy with, I'll stick to it, maybe varying the shades. However, I took a risk last week in my local cheapy makeup store and picked up a couple of lipsticks which werent in my 'approved lipstick brands' list. 

 The first is #356 Mauve made by miss beauty uk. I have literally never heard of this brand before but I loved the colour and it was a steal at just £1. I found it really hard to picture this colour as it looks much more pigmented in real life. It also looks much more purpley which is why I picked it up and also has quite a matte finish. I'm not too impressed with the formula, but to be honest I wasn't expecting to be. It's quite drying and I felt I needed to reapply quite often but the colour is just so lovely and pigmented that I don't mind so much and for £1 I'm not too bothered.
 The next brand I picked up was W7 which I had heard of before. I spotted a matte lipstick range and got to work swatching to find my favourite. As you will probably already know, I've got a weakness for matte lipsticks (and nail varnish) so just couldn't resist and finally picked the shade 'Darling'. It's a lovely dusky pink and is just the most perfect daytime colour. I'm actually really impressed with the formula of this one, although it's not the most matte lipstick I've tried, it manages to be moisturising and not drying on the lips. It's quite a creamy formula and gives a lovely pigmented colour. The packaging is almost identical to the Bourjois lipsticks and i really love how you can see the colour in the bottom of the stick (makes it much easier to find in a massive makeup bag!). The bottom line? I love this lipstick and for just £3 it'll be a firm favourite!


  1. These lipsticks look gorgeous on you!! xx

  2. Omg I love w7!!! Their prices are all so low, but their products are really great quality. Such a gorgeous shade too! Xx