I Heart Primark | A #BritishBloggerSelection Post

Friday, 22 November 2013

So the #BritishBloggerSelection theme this week is favourite clothes shop. It will probably come as no surprise to most of you that I have chosen Primark!! I could easily rant on for ages about why I love this cheap and cheerful brand but that would make a very boring read (and write!). We all know why primark is so popular: It's cheap and fashionable. What more can you want?

Images all from Primark.co.uk
Yes, I'm aware venturing into a Primark store on a saturday is near enough a death wish (or at least a voluntary wish for rocketing stress levels!) but even that won't put me off! Having been a student for the past 3 years and currently having no income, waiting for my job to start, the budget prices have literally been a godsend to me. The only problem being that as everything is cheaper, my mind seems to think i can buy twice as much (oops). But then again, surely I can. If a £2 cami breaks in a month, I can simply buy another. I think with low prices, your expectations drop and you don't expect anything great. Primark will often surprise me, however, and I have items in my wardrobe which have outlived the likes of Topshop at 4x the price. Bottom line? I LOVE PRIMARK! After all, it's not about WHO you're wearing, it's about HOW you're wearing it surely!
Do you agree?


  1. If you're willing to peruse the chaos, you can always find great buys in Primark! Nice choices

  2. Good old Primark - some stores are much better than others, and best thing is to go in first thing in the morning before it turns into a zoo. Xx


  3. Love the dress

    We can follow each other if u want and stay in touch :)
    I have a fashion- beauty blog :)


  4. Primark has some gorgeous things! Lovely choices :) I completely agree it's how you wear things and not who! Melissa XO

  5. I love that pink blouse! If only they had an online store, I'd buy it straight away.
    I don't shop at Primark very often because I can't bear to spend ages waiting in a really long queue. It's always so crowded in there as well. I'm thinking I may take an early morning trip there next week though so that I can start hoarding cosy jumpers haha.


  6. Preach it! I love Primark and everyones always asking me where I get my clothes from and they're always surprised when I say Primark!
    Just to let you know, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award 2013! Here's the link to my post hopefully you can join in :) http://beautyinhisname.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/liebster-blog-award-2013.html
    All my love, Rozzie xoxo

  7. ahhh the snow white top! i keep on looking at this and i need to buy it! xx

  8. I live in Australia and I can only dream about shopping at Primark! Great selection too! makes me want to fly over there and go on a shopping spree. ONly thing missing..MONEY!!


  9. I love this post as I love Primark and totally agree it's about how you style something rather than how expensive it is! Also, how nice is your blog! I've just had to follow :) xxx


  10. Beautiful choices! I really like the pastel pink top, it definitely reminds me of something i would find in my closet. Love your blog! xo
    New follower via bloglovin and gfc

  11. Love Primark too ! I want the Snow White top and that blue heart jumper !! Xx