Victoria's Secret Goodies

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The other week I entered a giveaway over on elisse's blog (check it out if you get a chance, she writes lovely posts!) and was so surprised when she announced I was the winner on twitter! The prize was a couple of scents from Victoria's Secret and fell through the post box a few days ago. Elisse had picked her personal favourites and all I can say is what great taste she has! I'd never tried any VS fragrances before so didn't know what to expect from them, I've seen lots of bloggers raving about the scents but I've always thought of fragrance as a very personal thing. Anyway, I was very excited to see how these worked out...
Victoria's Secret Love Spell EDT* | Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist*

The first is a coconut passion fragrance mist. When I spritzed this, the first thing that hit me was coconut. Obviously this was expected judging by it's name but it's much sweeter than I expected. No doubt these are the vanilla notes coming through, sweetening the coconut but it's a lovely combination and something I've never smelt before. This is a really refreshing scent and I can imagine it being perfect during the summer months.
The bottle itself is lovely. It has a floral background behind the liquid and gold highlights on the lid and the logo/text which adds a bit of a luxury feel. I can imagine this bottle lasting a while as the scent is so strong, you don't need a lot. I love it!

Second, I received the love spell eau de toilette. This one is a cherry blossom and peach scent and it's just so peachy! It's such a unique scent and I've never smelt anything like it before. Again, I can imagine this would be perfect in the warmer months, but, to be honest, it's not going to stop me weaing it non-stop all winter as it'll be a lovely pick-me-up when the weather is cold and dreary.

 I love that both of these fragrances match their descriptions perfectly. I often find it hard to pick perfume as it's impossible to decode their 'top notes' etc descriptions (I know nothing about perfumes!) However, these fragrances do exactly what they say on the tin and smell amazing, almost good enough to eat! Thanks Elisse!


  1. Such a lovely post Abi :) so glad your enjoying them!

  2. I saw one of these in a youtube favourites video earlier today and thought that they looked really nice!
    Great post, I really want to try the Coconut Passion one! :)
    pretty eclectic

  3. Wow this sounds incredible! Just loving your blog and lovely layout new follower! :) xx <3

  4. Hello lovely,
    Tomorrow at 11am my newest blogpost goes live and I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you and your blog for The Sunshine Award. I would love if you checked out my post as I absolutely love your blog!
    Lots of Love,
    Ams x