Weekly Roundup #6

Monday, 25 November 2013

What a weekend! I've literally had 0 time to write anything or prepare any posts as I've been SUPER busy so sorry about that! Yet again my weekly roundup is a day late (maybe it should become a monday thing?) but I have a perfectly good excuse and lots of goss for you all: I am officially a graduate! I stayed in a hotel down in southampton for thursday and friday night which was nice and received a lovely graduation charm for my lovelinks bracelet from my parents.  My ceremony was on Friday and I was absolutely petrified! Jelly legs and everything! Luckily I didn't fall over on stage or up/down the steps (THANK GOD!) and it all went smoothly leaving me super happy to celebrate friday night...and saturday night with lots of champers/wine/vodka/sambuca.
Saturday night was the Grad Ball and it was so much fun! I wore the lovely dress I had been hunting for AGES for (pics up soon!) and had a great time bumping into all the lovely people I've met over the past 3 years and will miss loads! In usual style, my feet were killing me by the end but it was so worth it.
I've also started my full time job today so will be posting as regularly as possible but can't promise I'll be perfect. It's all systems go at the moment and as one university-shaped-door has closed, a potential career-shaped-one has opened so it's a big change for me...fingers crossed it all goes well.
Hope you've all had a lovely week!


  1. Well done on graduating, hope you had a fab time at graduation.
    And congrats on the new grad job too!


  2. whoop whoop for graduating. Well done!

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