Calvin Klein Sheer Creme Eyeshadow

Monday, 2 December 2013

So it's no secret that I love a bargain so when I spotted these CK eyeshadows in my local poundland, I thought I'd give them a whirl for £1 each. I've never tried CK makeup before although, being a well established brand, I was expecting great things...

All of these were £1 each, and, although I'm not sure of the RRP, they sell on Amazon for around £4.99 each. I chose 3 colours from a pretty limited selection; I picked up 'Snakeskin Silver' which is a lovely creamy champagne colour with a shimmery finish.
Also 'Sheer Nectar' which is a lovely brown/bronze, again with a shimmer finish (I thought this would look great with 'Snakeskin Silver' for a natural look.)
And finally 'Gold Velvet' which looks nothing like gold velvet. It's actually a petrol purple with a hint of brown. This one is lovely as it looks different colours in different lights.  
 Now I know Calvin Klein is not best known for their makeup, and I can honestly say that I now know why. Whilst the initial application leaves a lovely shimmery, pigmented finish, this lasts all of about 5 minutes (slight exaggeration). I could see the shimmer lingering for much longer, although the majority of colour seemed to disappear from my lids in barely any time at all. Although I thought these would be really good for building up colour, the texture means it's hard to blend and build on the colour as it just seems to move around my eye. Of course I expect these work much better with a eye primer, although, from a brand like Calvin Klein, I was expecting a lot more. For £1 a piece, they're quite useful as a base/touch of shimmer or even a highlighter (the lightest one obviously) but they certainly haven't made my favourites list.

Has anyone else tried any CK makeup?


  1. It's a shame the staying power of these isn't great, the shades are all so pretty! X

  2. The velvet one looks gorgeous!

  3. Those are some pretty shades.

  4. What an insane price! Such nice colours but a real shame about the quality, have never tried any CK makeup, and not sure whether I want too.. so many other great brands out there I think

  5. I can't believe you got these for £1 - what an incredible bargain and lovely shades for winter! Xx