*Maxfactor Makeup Set*

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I've been on a seriously lucky streak lately and have won so many lovely things in blog giveaways which have been such nice surprises so near to christmas! I always like to pop up a little post to say thankyou to the sender and this time I owe my thanks to Emma from Bloomzy, she has a lovely little blog and I really recommend checking it out when you get a chance! Anyway, I received an email from Emma saying that I had won the giveaway and before long, a little package dropped through my postbox. Inside was a lovely little collection of makeup products from Maxfactor which I couldn't wait to give a whirl. The goodies were:
Max Effect mini nail polish in Deep Coral*
This is a lovely shimmery two-tone polish, mixing an orangey bronze with a gold. The colour is very pigmented and only needs the one coat (always a bonus!) It's also very rich and I think will be perfect in the summer with a tan! 
Masterpiece Max Mascara*
Now I've tried these sort of mascara wands before and haven't been impressed. I'm much more of a fan of traditional bristle brushes (the bigger the better!) but this one I find is really good. It certainly gives definition and separates the lashes really well, while giving a good coating of product.
Max Effect mono eye shadow in 02 Créme Champagne*
This is a lovely, subtle, neutral colour which is always welcome in my makeup collection. It's very buildable and has an extremely soft texture with a subtle shimmer finish.
Colour Elixir giant pen stick in Foxy Amber*
One of my first ever posts on a little dust was about the Maxfactor giant pen sticks, and I've loved them ever since. This shade took me by surprise as I expected a reddish shade with an orange shimmer (like the nail polish) but instead, the colour turns out quite pinkish on my lips. It's still a lovely shade and will no doubt be used loads as I love the formula so much!


  1. WOW! Thats such a great prize. I love the deep coral shade nail polish and its perfect for Christmas!

  2. Love, love your make up! Gorgeous! Beautiful lipstick and nail polish!! xox


  3. Your blog is too cute and the photography is amazing! I am your new follower on Bloglovin & GFC and it would be great to follow each other's blogging journey :)

    UK Fashion Blog | www.lurchhoundloves.com xx

  4. What an amazing prize! The pen sticks are literally amazing I have one in the shade vibrant pink as well like you do and it's just incredible haha! x

  5. I've nominated you for a Liebster award. All the info is here: http://www.deimavil.blogspot.com/2013/12/liebster-blog-award-2013.html
    Deima x

  6. Great post, well done for winning :)
    Meg xx (new follower)


  7. Love your blog, well done for winning chick x x

    Happy holidays x


  8. What a beautiful gift! I used to love Max Factor and haven't ventured into the brand much lately, but I love the look of those giant pen sticks!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas/New Year xo
    Sophy |Lashes and Splashes