The Sunday Edit #1

Sunday, 26 January 2014

So the weekly roundups have returned, but with a new name. Since I'm pretty terrible at keeping up the routine every week, I'll keep the feature to a sunday post. Hence 'the sunday edit'.  This week saw a spot of cheeky blog post promoting along with a desperate attempt to organise myself. I started off the week with a relax and if you've seen my previous post, you'll know I tried out the lush think pink bath bomb as a little treat. In true girly style, I was far too excited about a pink bath full of hearts. (well, who wouldn't be?) I've also had more than my own share of beauty hauls recently, which means that i've got SOOOO many products to get reviews sorted on. One that I can't wait to get posting about is the new maybelline baby skin pore eraser, but I'm not giving anything away just yet...
Finally, I ordered some new phone cases. My first stop for cases is usually ebay, just because of the enormous variety and the fact that they're super cheap. I picked these up for about a pound each and, although the delivery takes a few weeks (they're shipped from hong kong) it's totally worth it. I love the little inspirational quotes on these, they're so cute.
Hope you've all had a lovely week


  1. I have a great week :)) i like your phone cases. so pretty

    1. thankyou, they're so nice aren't they, and so cheap!!! :)
      abi x

  2. The iphone cases are so pretty-can't beat ebay!
    I love the lush think pink bath bomb too... I've only tried it once but I have to say it was one of the most exciting baths ever haha!
    Have a lovely week,
    looking forward to all the reviews :D
    L xo

  3. The phone cases are so cute and would sure keep me happy! I think it's always nice to relax and take a bath once in a while, and LUSH bath bombs are the perfect thing :)


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