Moments that Mattered 2013

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

 I've spotted a few posts recently about 'moments that mattered'. Now, I had every intention of posting an end of year review-type-thing when January came around but as you'll all be aware, I've just been SO busy so have barely had a chance to blog at all. ANYWAY. I spotted this post and thought it was such a lovely idea (there's also the bonus of potentially winning an iPad courtesy of Lloyds! Bonus!) and just had to go for it. So here's just some of my moments that mattered from 2013. Well, it's better late than never, right? 

So the year began with a panic. My dissertation was due to be handed in January and, in my usual fashion, I wasn't so organised. I was writing about fashion and gender and had to not only write more words than I had ever done in my life, but also plan a photoshoot of my housemates dressed up in women's clothing! After working my butt off, the beast was submitted on 28th January against all odds. You know what that meant? Party time!
Perhaps even more important than the dissertation was my final major project which was due in on 8th May. Worth almost the whole 3 years of my degree grade (no pressure) I designed a vintage clothing store, look book, marketing, advertising, logos EVERYTHING! Not only was this so important for my final grade but I also knew that as soon as I finished it, that was it. Uni work was over! 
Every year, I get so excited about my birthday and spend ages planning a fancy dress theme. As my birthday also fell on Eurovision last year on 18th May, I decided to go for an around-the-world theme. As usual, everyone made so much effort and I had such a great night. My lovely friend vicki also came to visit me from back home which just made it even more special.
On 17th September, I'd had enough of being unemployed and bored. Although the prospect of having no work and all the time in the world sounds good, I found it incredibly boring after a while. On a whim, I started up a little dust and am so glad I did. I had been feeling a disconnection from fashion and photography after finishing uni and this has allowed me to keep up that hobby. Although I now have a job, I still love to keep my blog up to date when I can. (and not to mention read others!)

The 22nd November was probably the most important day of my life so far. It was graduation day and, although I was absolutely petrified of walking across that stage in front of so many people, I did it. And that's the thing I'm most proud of. I used my uni experience to enhance my life and it has completely changed me for the better. I have absolutely no regrets from those three years and would do it all over again if I could (boohoo!!)
To finish off the year, I have a new job which I started on 25th November (finally!) Now I have something to fill the time and actually be productive. Although it means I have less time to work on my blog, it also has given me so many more opportunities. A new chapter has begun. One where I have met so many new lovely people through my job, I can spend more time with my old friends back at home who I love to bits and It also gives me the perfect opportunity (and money) to travel the country visiting my uni friends. I have already had a few catchups with these lovelies and can 100% say that we will not be loosing touch as i was initially scared of. 

So that's just a few of my moments that mattered in 2013, what are yours?

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