Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Saturday, 29 March 2014


From what I'd gathered from other bloggers, micellar waters are kind of a big deal. I've never tried one before, despite the millions of reviews I've seen raving about bioderma. To be honest, I've been quite happy with the skincare routine I've developed (and my skin seems to be happy too) so I've not felt the need to meddle with it. This is when I find that problems develop. However, I'd seen the new garnier micellar water advertised and there was absolutely no reason not to try this newbie.

So it claims to be an 'efficient and easy to use product that cleanses and removes make-up gently in one step.' Now to me, this seems like a lazy-girl's dream product. I must admit, I'm quite good at keeping up my current routine, but we all have those nights when you just can't be bothered. For these nights, this product is perfect. It most definitely removes my makeup, and pretty easily too. I don't need to scrub at my face or rub until it's red raw so it gets a tick with that box. Efficient and easy? Also a tick. 

Finally, the skin test. Now, I don't have sensitive skin and will rarely react to products. I do find, however, that often a product will clog up my skin or invite dreaded spots which is something I'm always looking to avoid. The main thing that drew me into the idea of a cleansing water was the 'water'. You can't get much more pure and basic than good old H2O, and surely something this basic couldn't disagree with my skin? Correct. I've not noticed any change in my skin (which is good!), no increases of spots or breakouts or change whatsoever.

I love this product, from the cute packaging to the magic water itself, it's definitely a breakthrough! It's no deep cleanse, and I won't be using this every evening, but it's perfect for those can't-be-bothered days or makeup touch-ups. 


  1. This stuff sounds pretty good for things like taking on holiday or when I can't be bothered to wear more than a bit of tinted moisturiser! Sure it's no Bioderma but it definitely sounds worth investing in! =) Thanks for the review xx

  2. I absolutely love this water, you get so much for your money aswell!

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  3. Bioderma is the only miceller water I've tried, but I"ve heard so many great reviews on this I might just have to pick on up!
    Sian |