The Sunday edit #2

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Confession: I have seriously neglected my blog over the last few months. I've touched on this a few times in the posts I have actually had a chance to publish but haven't really been able to do anything about it. I've been having serious camera issues and this combined with the fact that I have no time to actually write anything has meant that the blog has taken a backseat. I'm actually quite surprised how much I've missed my little space on the web and can hopefully get back on track.

Any blogger will know the importance of a camera. I've been using the same camera since I started uni and it's on it's last legs. Of course this meant that I had to buy a lovely shiny new one which I have 100% fallen in love with. I went for the Canon 600D and it does everything I could've asked for... and more. I've already been experimenting with the movie setting and will definitely be venturing into the land of vlogging (eek!) 

I've spent this weekend getting some post lined up as I've bought loads of makeup and clothing recently. The only thing I have trouble with is timekeeping and organising in terms of blogging, so if any of you fellow bloggers have any tips on how to keep up-to-date please please let me know!!

So yeah, basically what I'm saying is watch this space...


  1. Great to hear you've got some posts lined up. I've neglected my blog for the past two months too as I'm in my final year of uni and it's absolutely manic so I know how you feel! Any organisational tips welcome my way too :)
    Isabelle x

    1. P.s. excited for you to start vlogging!