The Sunday Edit #3

Sunday, 23 March 2014

So I've finally managed to organise myself and get a little dust back on the right track. I know I've been saying I'm going to do this for ages but I honestly haven't had the opportunity to. So last weekend, i knuckled down and lined up some posts for the next few months. I'm sure most bloggers with full-time jobs understand how tricky it is to juggle the two but I really think organisation is the key (something I severely lack). Of course, my new camera is an absolute dream to work with and honestly saves me both time and effort so I'm excited to be playing with that.

Ok so onto the week...If you follow my twitter account, I'm you will have seen the trouble I've been having with asos recently. I'm not going to bore you with the whole story as, believe me, its a long one! But basically I was ordering items to find that they kept being cancelled, or weren't in stock when they said they were, or I was sent the wrong size. It was absolutely driving me crazy and this, teamed with the fact that it's near on impossible to actually contact anyone about it, meant that I ended up sending a bore-you-half-to-death complaint letter.  The result? A massive apology (which is really all I wanted) free premium membership and a £20 voucher. This I promptly used to order benefit's professional balm which is something I have been lusting over for ages! I'll be sure to let you all know what I think.

I also filmed my second ever haul. It's a bit amateur and I can tell vlogging is one of those things that gets better with practice, but being able to film on my own camera is something I'm so happy about. This week, I've also blogged about my latest makeup obsession and a little ootd so check those out!

Ah, so much to talk about this week! I don't really feel that the cute-as-a-button muppet picture needs an explanation (by the way I am far too excited to see the new film for a 22 year-old!) so I'll get to the bare faced selfie. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, I'm sure you'll all be aware of the latest social networking trend #barefacedselfie in aid of breast cancer awareness. After being extremely against the idea of plastering my naked face all over the internet, the amount of bare-faced women on my Facebook page grew and grew. For us girls, stripping away the comfort blanket of makeup is quite a big deal which is why this campaign has been so effective, and i'm very happy to have been a part of good old-fashioned Girl Power!

And finally.... the most exciting news of all. I've bought my own domain which means the mouthful of a name has now become Short and sweet (unlike this post-sorry!) 

I'll wrap it up now (for those that are still awake!) hope you all had a lovely week.

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