River Island 'London' Perfume

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

To be honest, I wasn't even aware that River Island do their own perfumes, so when i stumbled upon a small stand by the tills and the prospect of a wait for the tills, I decided to chance a whiff.  This is perhaps the most obvious trick shops use to encourage their customers to buy more at the last minute before they check out and I'm fully aware I fell into the trap headfirst! I should know better, having a solid 7 years of retail experience behind me, but i still do it every time! 

To make matters worse, I also ended up with the larger 75ml bottle, rather than the 30ml because of the difference of £2. I think I've got a bargain when actually I've spent £10 more than when I got to the queue, and then an extra £2 on top of that! River Island-2 Abi-0.

Anyway, for once I'm actually glad I fell into the trap. The scent is nothing like one I've tried before and nothing like what I would usually purchase so it must've been a moment of madness. My signature perfume is Paul Smith Rose and the furthest I'll usually venture form that is a cheap knock-off Next did a few years ago. (which, by the way, was really nice) It'll always be a floral scent I reach for but this one is a little different.

River Island themselves, describe this as being "sweet and cheeky" and a "fruity cocktail on top accompanied by addictive gourmand notes on the drydown". Now, to be perfectly honest, i have no idea what that means but I'm not so sure I'd have it down as a fruity cocktail. I think it's much more subtle and grown-up than it lets on and it feels very summery, perfect for summer evenings rather than the daytime though. I'd love to know what the actual notes are if anyones a scent expect and has tried this! 

Has anyone else tried any River Island perfumes? And what do you think?


  1. the bottle really attractive might have to give this a try :)

    Anna x


  2. Its lovely and smells just like miss Dior perfume