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The 2014 Holiday Hit List

Saturday, 7 June 2014

So it's 3 weeks 'till I go on holiday. Well it's not. It's actually 19 days (eek!) and of course I've bought pretty much everything I could possibly need for a week away. In usual style, the majority will probably come back home with the tags still on but at least I'm prepared for ANYTHING. 

I've got a couple of posts lined up for the next few weeks on the holiday theme so to start it off (and provide a vent for my excitement!) it's The 2014 Holiday Hit List. These is a guide to the major summer '14 trends which are just made to fit into a suitcase and travel on summer holidays. 

Give it some Jelly 
First up is the old classic. The jelly shoe. If you had these back in the 90's, you were the bees knees (bonus points for glitter!)  Now they're back and they're all grown up, well, maybe not, but we are, which means that we love a bit of a throwback. Jelly Shoes are everywhere at the moment and in so many different styles and colours, a pair for every outfit!
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