L’oreal Glam Bronze Mono

Thursday, 5 June 2014

I do love a good bronzer. There’s nothing healthier looking than a lovely glow to the skin. Of course we’re not all perfect so it’s ideal when you find a product that can help you fake your way to looking healthy. 

I find bronzer especially useful as I, like a lot of you, am a big big big fake tan fan. I tend to avoid tanning my face for three reasons. 1-It breaks out my skin. I’m reluctant to put something as heavy as tan on my face because of any breakouts it may cause. 2-It just doesn’t work. I have combination skin on my face which means any tan will stick to some areas and slide off others leaving a patchy mess.  3-I don’t have a dark enough foundation to match. Simple as. Despite not tanning my face, I still like the colour to match the rest of me (funnily enough!) which is where bronzer becomes a lifesaver.

So we’ve established how much I love bronzer in general so now onto this little l’oreal number. Picked up from boots (standard.) in a 3-for-2 deal (again. standard.) this retails at £7.99. It prides itself on being a matte finish which is quite a rare thing to find in a bronzer but means that it gives a natural glow and is absolutely perfect for contouring. When used with the right brush, it works perfectly to contour my face in a way that's not OTT and is perfecty suitable for everyday. The colour is also surprisingly dark (much darker than the photo!) which is nice as I've bought countless bronzers which are invisible on my skin, but would still work well as a subtle bronze.

Finally the packaging. Now when i bought this, I was completely unaware that there is actually a hidden compartment (duh duh duhhhhh) When you flip up the pan, a brush and mirror is revealed making it absolutely for on-the-go touchups. Now, i don't actually know anyone who touches up their bronzer but if you do, this is ideal! Otherwise, I guess it's great for travelling..or maybe for just using for your other makeup...who cares! 

I'm seriously impressed with this little compact. It’s so much more than just a bronzer, it's so versatile and looks so natural.  I've never thought of even looking for a matte bronzer before, but boy am I glad this 'fell' into my boots basket that day...



  1. Fake bake for the win. The packaging is simple but effective! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  2. I love the healthy bronzy look on the skin! I have to try this bronzer some time, it looks like a really natural colour!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.