Matalan Pink Tote Bag

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Like a true girly girl, my favourite colour is pink so you can imagine my excitement at shopping at the moment as pink is still everywhere! I'm also a bit lot of a handbag hoarder. I love bags and it's just the most annoying thing when I don't have a bag to match an outfit. For this reason, I tend to keep my bags neutral and versatile; black, brown...well that's it really. It's not often that I will buy a coloured handbag because it limits the things I can wear with it. However, I recently spotted this pink bag on a trip to matalan and couldn't resist!

It's the perfect size-I can fit all my junk and more in! and I love that the handle is long enough to put over your shoulder if needed. It's very sturdy as well which is pretty important to me as I load my bags up with so much! All for a very reasonable price of £18.

What do you think?


  1. I love the look of this bag, the shade is so subtle too. I absolutely love bags, I wish I had the space to store more!

  2. Its gorgeous! Looks way more expensive than 18 pounds!
    Kamila xx

  3. Beautiful handbag, it looks so much expensive than it is :)


  4. Been looking for a bag just like this but never thought about Matalan! It's beautiful!

  5. It's very pretty and I love the color. :)