The 2014 Holiday Hit List

Saturday, 7 June 2014

So it's 3 weeks 'till I go on holiday. Well it's not. It's actually 19 days (eek!) and of course I've bought pretty much everything I could possibly need for a week away. In usual style, the majority will probably come back home with the tags still on but at least I'm prepared for ANYTHING. 

I've got a couple of posts lined up for the next few weeks on the holiday theme so to start it off (and provide a vent for my excitement!) it's The 2014 Holiday Hit List. These is a guide to the major summer '14 trends which are just made to fit into a suitcase and travel on summer holidays. 

Give it some Jelly 
First up is the old classic. The jelly shoe. If you had these back in the 90's, you were the bees knees (bonus points for glitter!)  Now they're back and they're all grown up, well, maybe not, but we are, which means that we love a bit of a throwback. Jelly Shoes are everywhere at the moment and in so many different styles and colours, a pair for every outfit!
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Coming up Roses
This is by far my favourite trend...ever! If you know me, you'll be aware that I have a slight major obsession with any floral and this is right up my street. I've been wearing floral headbands for a few years now and have built up quite a collection which is being added to by the day! It helps that these floral crowns are EVERYWHERE! I've picked up quite a few from new look and even from primark too for a couple of pound each. They're great for a festival-hippy-chick vibe and just look so pretty!!

Hold on to your Hat
You need a hat. Any hat. I love a good hat, it can just finish off an outfit perfectly. I'll often go for a fedora to make my look a little more edgy but I also went through a phase of wearing bowler hats last year. Now that is summer is here (well in theory!) I'm loving the idea of a floppy hat. Perfect for when you want a bit of shade, but also perfect for a laid-back effortless look.

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Open the Kimono
This is a trend which has been lingering for a while but has had a revamp for summer. I've seen hundreds of kimonos all over the high street and, while I think River Island can't be beaten on detail and quality, New Look have an enormous selection on their website. I've also picked up a few from Primark recently (make sure you check out the beachwear!)

Two of a Kind
The two-piece is the perfect outfit this summer. Effectively you get 3 outfits from one as you actually end up with two items to mix and match with others so it's great value. Worn together, it gives a great 90's vibe (think Cher from Clueless with that yellow tartan skirt and jacket combo!) and looks so smart and tied-together.
Topshop | New Look | ASOS |

Got the Scrunchies
EEk! This is something that 6 months ago I hated. As in, it literally made me cringe when I saw a scrunchie sat at the base of someones ponytail. They were so big in the 90's and I even remember having a scrunchie maker when I was little (so cool, I know!) Anyway...they're back and they're bigger than ever. Literally! The bigger the better! Perfect for scraping your hair back at the pool or wrapping round a slick pony for drinks.

It's all in the detail
This is another of my favourites. Lace, crochet, broderie anglaise, embroidery.. anything which adds a a delicate touch to an outfit. Again, another great festival trend as it's perfect to 'toughen up' with boots and a fedora or stay girly with a floral headband and layers of jewellery. (Plus the white looks great with a tan!)
ASOS | Topshop |  ASOS |

Forbidden Fruit
I've spotted loads of fruit-inspired goodies recently, particularly watermelon, but also lemons and strawberries. Fruity patterns are so summery whether it's a full-on bold print or a subtle hint here and there, they just scream sun! Who knows, maybe wearing healthy can result in eating healthy.......(nah, I don't think so either!)
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  1. The fruit inspired stuff is lovely, so Summery!! X

  2. Kimonos and floral crowns just go hand in hand! Loving all the fruit printed stuff at the moment as well!

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life

  3. Love the ASOS scrunchie, I'm loving daisies at the moment. The fruit watch is lovely too.