Garnier Summer Body Lotion Review

Monday, 7 July 2014


So summer is in full swing (about time!) which means the hunt for the perfect tan is upon us. Now, I'm lucky enough to have just gotten back from holiday so my tan is pretty good at the moment (at least for the next few weeks until it disappears!) but as it would be a struggle to afford a tan top-up abroad every month, I love finding a product which helps to maintain a sun-kissed look with minimal effort (and cost!) required.

I first came across the Garnier body lotions when my housemate lended me a bottle after raving about how good it was. It left the skin silky smooth in a mater of seconds and this was something i needed in my life! Immedicately I fell in love. The formula is fairly runny which means it's very light on the skin and soaks ion within seconds leaving the softest skin I've ever had!

When I then discovered a version containing a little fake tanning product, naturally, I had to give it a try. It gives a very subtle colour so I would not class this as being a self tanning product as such, but it works perfectly to maintain any tan you already have! I have also used it in-between self-tanning sessions to keep my skin moisturised and to keep my tan lasting longer and it works perfectly for this.

If you haven't already tried the garner body lotions, I seriously recommend you do. They are often on offer at one of the high-street stores so have a hunt around!


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