Photo Diary: Girls in London

Thursday, 28 August 2014

If you follow my instagram/facebook/twitter, you'll probably have seen that me and the girls took a day trip to London a few weeks ago. With no real plan on what to do there, the day inevitably was filled with drinking cocktails and taking photos. It's pretty much what we do when we meet up at home, but who doesn't love a change of scenery?

So we started the trip off with a trip to Tiffany's followed by a pub lunch. Then it all got sophisticated...

One of the girls had heard about a rooftop bar around St Paul's which we were all dying to try out. After eventually finding it on top of a shopping centre (and finding a seat-this place is busy!) we were well impressed. The cocktails themselves weren't cheap (£9-£11 a pop) but boy were they worth it. After choosing the majority of the menu between us, most of us settled on a pornstar martini for the second round. These were to-die-for-delicious. Seriously, if I could drink these all day, I would. I have to add as well the amazing customer service. In my usual clumsy style, I somehow managed to chuck a WHOLE cocktail over myself. It was one of those slow-motion moments when you don't realise whats happening before it's too late and the whole world seems to see it *cue serious embarrassment*. I swear, before the glass even hit the table, there were bar staff mopping up the martini and cleaning up my bag. Without even a subtle hint from any of us, the cocktail was replaced and my shame taken away (well, almost). I honestly don't know many places that would go out of their way to impress their customers but this is certainly one that I would be more than happy to return to. 

The night ended in Verve bar in Leicester Square where we continued the love of the pornstar martini with a ridiculously oversized one (I really want one of these glasses!!!) It wasn't a patch on the Madison ones but it didn't hang around long! Martini's gone, we hit the dance floor before rushing out to get the train home. 

Have you got any favourite spots in London? I need recommendations for our next trip!

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  1. Awwh, a day out with the girls is so cool, and I love all your pictures- you're all insanely gorgeous! xx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Your photos are lovely, I wish I could go back to London :)
    Miki xx

    If you would like to, come and check my blog:

  3. What a lovely day out! I love doing spontaneous trips, London is soon on the cards!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. That looks like an amazing fun trip! You're gorgeous btw x

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