Photo Diary: Warner Bros Studio Tour

Thursday, 21 August 2014

So it finally happened. I went to Hogwarts. Well, the warner bros studio, but bearing in mind this is probably definitely the closest I'm ever gonna get, I was pretty chuffed. Last week we took a trip to the studios to check out the props, sets and costumes used in the harry potter films and I was just as impressed as I hoped. We took far too many photos, lost each other in the chaos a few times and even tried butterbeer (no comment) but it was such an experience.

 I believe harry actually started his first year at Hogwarts the same year I began high school so I've grown up reading the books and watching the films. I remember when we first went to see the philosopher's stone as a school trip and a few of us sat swooning over draco malfoy the whole way through (how embarrassing!) Although I'm not as besotted by the actors as I was back then, my love for the magic and fantasy of harry potter has remained. 

If you haven't already visited the warner bros studios, firstly: where have you been? and secondly: get yourselves there asap! It's a great day out and will leave you feeling all nostalgic over the past 13 years of magic..

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