Primark Does a Brow Kit

Saturday, 13 September 2014


I'm pretty happy with my brow product of choice at the moment which is why I'm not entirely sure why I picked up this little kit at a recent trip to Primark. Every morning, my HD Brows palette comes out and defines the little big brows perfectly. I think it was just one of those things you have to pick up in primark. I must admit, I was curious. Curious to see whether a £2 kit could do the same job a £20 one does.

I'm impressed by the formula but at the end of the day, eyebrow shadow is pretty much just eyeshadow. For some reason, I still insist on purchasing a special product to do a job I've already got something more than capable of doing. We all do. Fact.   This kit comes with two shades of colour and a tinted wax. This is not something I've seen before in a kit and I like it. My HD Brows palette comes with a clear wax, as did the kit I used previously. The tinted version means that it can be used alone as it still has a pretty decent colour payoff (it's the first swipe in my swatches!) 

The main trouble I seem to have with eyebrows though is colour. Before purchasing, I thought the middle shade would be ideal for my brows. They're quite dark themselves which is why I tend to pick a slightly lighter shade to prevent them taking over my whole face. When swatched though (middle swipe), it looked very red just didn't work. A mixture of the two shades gave the result above which, although matches my brows fairly well, is too red and slightly too dark for my liking.

For the right colour-haired person, this kit is a steal at £2. It'll remain in my collection for the wax and for emergencies, but won't be replacing my HD Brows palette anytime soon.

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  1. This looks like a lovely brow palette, ill have to see if my local primark has these!!
    xprincessjas | x

  2. I guess this is great for someone just starting out with brows (providing it is their hair colour!) but for me too nothing will pull me away from my pricey brow products haha!
    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  3. I guess if someones on a budget, this will be great. Thanks for the review, xoxo.

  4. I always used to pick up products like this and not being very impressed so used them as eye shadows instead and ended up being super happy with the results!

    Charlotte x

  5. Your brows look a-maz-ing! I would never have guessed this brow kit was from Primark; great review!

    Emma xx || || YouTube Channel

  6. colors are very nice!!!