Extensions by Hairtrade

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

It's been a while since I've worn extensions. In my uni days, I'd clip them in everyday, day or night, until they ended up so scraggly that they were actually kinda gross. You know how it is, they've been washed so many times and malted so much that there wasn't an awful lot left, and certainly not enough to realistically look like my own thick hair. They had to go. 

I've been trying to grow my hair long since the beginning of time so it only seems kind to give it a helping hand every now and again in the form of extensions. 

I was sent these extensions from Hairtrade and, unbelievably, they actually matched very well. I hadn't seen them in person and took a gamble with the shade selection but it definitely paid off. The shade I chose is ...... in 18". They come in a set of 4 strips with 3 clips for the back of the head and then another 6 strips with just one clip to fill in the sides. I also chose the waved ones instead of the straight as I normally end up curling them anyway so saves time! 

Right so the verdict... I love them! I've used to clip-ins so they took a few goes to refresh myself but they're so simple to use and so sturdy as well. I have 0 fears that they're going to fall out halfway through the day and they match my hair perfectly. The quality is great, as they're human hair, they can be styled as you would your own hair, making it even easier to blend the two together seamlessly. I'm so happy I've got lots of length back again as I love having really long hair.

P.S sorry about the make-shift photos, I lost my camera-tripod connecter so had to make do with the iPhone! 

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  1. Such a good colour match! What shade did you go for in the end?