A Disney Wishlist

Thursday, 20 November 2014

| 1-Elsa T-shirt | 2-Ariel Mac Sticker | 3-Black Bracelet | 4-Pink Bracelet | 5-Bambi Onesie | 6-Olaf Necklace | 7-Thumper Soft Toy | 8-Thumper PJ Bottoms | 9-Princess Suitcase | 10-Ariel Necklace | 11-Frozen Cushion |

In preparation for my upcoming disney trip (eek!) next week, I've been getting into the mood by surrounding myself with as much disney as possible. The little mermaid PJs are out, the bambi dressing gown and the minnie slippers...okay so it's mostly sleepwear but who doesn't love dreaming of disney? Of course, my latest obsession called for a wishlist featuring as much disney as I could find! Well, we all have to grow up at some point but it doesn't mean the childhood favourites have to be left behind!

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  1. I love this wish list so much Abi! I need that Bambi onesie and suitcase! Hope you have an amazing time at Disney! xxx