Primark Winter Wishlist '14

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

| 1- Dogtooth Coat | 2- Foil Print Dress | 3- Patent Chunky Shoes | 4- Lace Scuba Cami Dress, £15 | 5- Jacquard '60s Swing Dress, £13 | 6- PU Pastel Blue Skirt | 7- Tie Waist Shirt Dress | 8- Grey Marl Maxi Dress | 9- Brown Cut-out Boot | 10- Double Layer White Dress | 11- Check Tailored Trouser, £12 | 12- Foil Mesh 2 in 1 Tee, £8 | 

It's been a while since I've busted out the ol' Primark wishlist but better late than never. I'm fully aware that most of you lucky people will have spotted the majority of these pieces in your local Primarks already but, since my local is pretty shabby, I've still not set my mitts on any of these. It'll probably end up like the whole pink coat of '13 scenario (I'm still not convinced they were actually even real) but I can live in hope...

I'm a massive fan of the monochrome this season. Especially mixed with pastels. I'm going through a whole '60's obsession at the moment so a lot of my wardrobe choices are based on a black-white-pastel colour palette. This wishlist clearly echoes the same vibe. My absolute favourites have to be the PU baby blue skirt and the lace cami dress. I know the skirt has already been in stores as I've spotted some fellow bloggers wearing it, but the dress is still one of those primark mysteries. Does it exist? Will I ever get one? Watch this space...

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  1. That skirt, number 6, it's a bit space agey star trek isn't it? Is this a terrible reason to love it? I don't care I want it anyway. I bet all my size will be gone by the time I get there as well, 14 seems to be popular. x