Afternoon Tea at Milsoms

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Afternoon Tea at Milsoms, Kesgrave, Suffolk

Afternoon tea is just one of those little luxuries in life which make you feel that little bit more special. Well, that was the plan- a sophisticated afternoon was the intention. The reality was just a group of girls slouched on far-too-comfy chairs gossiping about anything and everything for almost 5 hours. Afternoon tea ended up more like a day-trip as it was almost 8pm when we actually prised ourselves from the leather and made a move.

We had the option of either tea or coffee and then were presented with a selection of sandwiches (crusts off of course) scones with jam and cream and various cakes from macaroons to lemon drizzle. It was so delicious, and one of those occasions you can literally feel the pounds piling on! (But so worth it) 

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  1. Ohh all of the food looks yummy! ^ ^

  2. These are such lovely photos! Its my life dream to have a Chesterfield sofa like the one on this post mmm..

    Charlotte - styleaked

  3. yumyum this whole food looks so delicious :) and the pictures are very beautiful!