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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

As far as neglecting my blog goes, I am 100% guilty as charged. Its such a struggle to find the time to write as well as the time to have a life, actually live it, oh and a full-time job thrown in for good measure. NIGHTMARE. Okay well I'm back anyway. Well, I say I'm back, and I fully intend on keeping everything up to date but whether this is actually realistic is another story completely. Anyway... just to get up to speed, thought I'd share a brief update (and i mean brief) of some of the things I've been up to.
Pretty Little Liars  image
Possibly THE best tv show I've ever watched. I stumbled across the series on Netflix. I'd watched a few seasons before back in my uni days but got lost along the way and gave up (this is normally the case with me and tv shows) However, I started the show from scratch a few months ago and it literally took over my life. You know when you're just so into something that it becomes a little obsessive? Yep, I definitely stepped into that zone. I'm now completely up to date which means I've gained back a LOT of time and I'm now watching the episodes as they appear on Netflix every Thursday.
IKEA image
I've somehow grown a really unhealthy obsession with IKEA. I don't have my own place so at the moment it's a combination between lusting over pieces for my imaginary pad, and going all 'changing rooms' on my bedroom. The result is a very long wishlist of pieces I've convinced myself that I need. The nearest store from me is about an hours drive to Lakeside so I intend to take a trip there this weekend to start bringing my great plans to life.
Holiday Booking image
The beginning of the year marks a few things for me: cold miserable weather, dark mornings and darker nights, and a beacon of hope- holiday planning. I've actually booked up a couple of trips this summer so far and they're keeping me going through the winter. I'm heading to Rhodes for a week at the end of May- somewhere I've never been before and I'm so excited to head out with camera in hand exploring. The second trip is at the end of July to Lisbon with the girls. The first hen-do of the group, we're heading to Portugal for a long weekend for some sun, shopping and inevitably a few too many cocktails!

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  1. I finished the Vampire Diaries and The Originals, I then found Pretty Little Liars, obsessed! I'm on season 2 episode 11 and I have to watch at least 4 episodes at a time.lol:)