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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I'm back. With a bucket-load of posts scheduled and a tonne of determination. Time has been a major problem in keeping a little dust up to date- it's a real struggle juggling a full-time job, social life and a blog and sometimes, something's gotta give. I've come to realise that I shouldn't feel guilty for not posting every day, or for taking a break every now and again. It's always here for me to come back to when I need a little creative outlet and is something I should enjoy doing. Anyway, enough of that, onto the products I've been loving over the past month..
I actually picked this up real cheap from Asda a week or two ago and have been using on damp hair every time I've washed it. It claims to have 7 benefits including damage repair, strength and hydration. These are all things my hair is seriously needing at the moment. As I'm back on the bleach, the ends are crying out for some moisture and some rehydration and this seems to be doing the job. It leaves my hair feeling seriously soft and healthy, without feeling like it's caked in a load of product. 
This foundation has literally changed my makeup collection forever. I've never really found a foundation which works for me. With combo skin, it's hard to find something which doesn't either slide off my nose or go patchy on my cheeks. I've tried every option under the sun in terms of foundation and primers but never really found a combo which works. After a recommendation from a work friend, I bought the famous double wear and haven't looked back. The colour range isn't as good as it could be for a higher-end foundation (I have to buy two shades and mix the two) but the finish and the staying power is beyond anything I've tried before. I'm completely converted.
To think I never even used makeup brushes a few years ago is crazy.  I was always under the impression that a brush was a brush, how wrong was I? I've built up a fair collection now but they're not cheap. It really is all about quality and the difference in the results from an expensive brush and a cheaper option are often crystal clear. That's why I'm always on the lookout for a dupe to save a bit of cash and I've definitely hit the jackpot with this one. I spotted that Wilko have a new premium beauty range a few months ago and invested in a few of the brushes (stippling, blusher and powder) They are such amazing quality- so far I've had zero fallout and the application is flawless. I've even been using the walk stippling brush in place of my trusted RT version. It's unbelievable that the brushes are priced at just £4 each and I would seriously recommend trying them out!
My local Superdrug has just started selling makeup revolution which makes me one very happy blogger. I've tried a few pieces from the brand- it started out with the naked palette dupes and the rest, as they say, is history. I recently ordered a load of items online including this blush and contour palette. I'm not entirely sure which of these shades are intended for contouring, but they work beautifully as a blush on my skin tone. I'm especially excited to try the orange shade in the bottom left this summer (just waiting on the tan..)
Again, from Makeup Revolution, this is an absolute dream to use. My eyeliner search has been very similar to the foundation escapade- I've hunted and hunted but never found the right product. Of course, in an eyeliner you need high pigmentation, staying power and (for me at least) fool-proof application. I've always had trouble with creating the perfect flick and finally my prayers have been answered. This is the first eyeliner I've found to actually be pure black, last all day and actually go on how I hoped in the first place. And the best bit? I would have been prepared to pay a lot for something that ticked these three boxes so for £3.50, I'm one very happy bunny.
This, unbelievably, I actually picked up in TK Maxx for a mere £3.99. Illamasqua describe it as a bottle green with a rubber finish which I think is pretty spot on. The colour is just the perfect shade to ease into the warmer months- a dash of colour without being full-on summer vibes.

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  1. I have the golden sugar blush palette from makeup revolution and I love it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I like the eyeliner, should try it!

  3. How have i still not tried Double Wear?! I must make sure i try it some time soon, it sounds amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. So glad you're back blogging, I've missed your posts! The Makeup Revolution blush palette looks stunning!

    Cass | CassandraMyee