Skinny Mint Teatox

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

14 Day Starter Teatox, Skinny Mint £17.90

I've been contemplating the idea of a teatox for a while now. I'm not a lover of tradtional english tea but I love the herbal and fruity flavoured teas which are so easy to get hold of now. It was a gamble- what if i didnt even like the tea and was stuck drinking it for two weeks? Luckily I was a fan, it wasn't delicios by any means, but very drinkable and I had no problems glugging it down throughout the fortnight.

Now the main question is did it work? Now SkinnyMint do actually promote the fact that this course can lead to weight loss. Not extreme amounts, but the whole idea in a detox is that it's a cleanse of the body so you could drop a pound or two. For me, there was no weight loss at all. I'm a bit disappointed really as, reading the reviews, it looked like pretty much everyone lost a little bit.

It also states to reduce bloating. Now this is something I suffer from a lot and was the the main area I wanted to see change. To be honest, I haven't really noticed a lot of difference. I do seem to get a little less bloated when eating- although I'm not sure if this is one of those things where you convince yourself you've seen change because you're looking for it? Anyway, I'd be curious to try a 28 day course, just to see if perseverance pays off, but I'm nowhere near as impressed as I hoped I would be.

Has anyone else tried a teatox?

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  1. I never really understood Teatox's, I've just heard that they LITERALLY flush you out entirely - if you get my drift... Not cute

    Charlotte / styleaked

  2. This sounds lovely, I like how it contains mint as I find it so refreshing during the warmer months, might just get this xx