L'Oreal infallible 24-HR Matte Foundation

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Once a upon a time there was a girl who loved makeup. She had been searching for a foundation which ticked every box in her high-maintenance checklist since forever. Yup, you guessed it, I'm the girl (and it really is a struggle) I've lost count of the times I've fallen in love with the application of a certain foundation, only to find one of two things happening:
1- I step outside and realise that my 'perfect shade' is, in fact, two or three shades too dark/too yellow/too pale. WHY do they still have such terrible lighting in these makeup stores?
2- I'm good to go and feel pretty confident with my new face. The colour's right, the texture's right and it seems to fit so nicely on my skin..oh no wait..check in my compact to find that not even 3 hours after my dream complexion was created, the deadly shine has battled it's way through. Despite the more-than-generous power setting this morning, this foundation is in no way 'set'.
This means I eventually end up back to the drawing board with a healthy collection of barely used foundations and an orange, shiny face. Nice. 

I have combination skin and it's a serious problem with finding foundations. Day to day, it's not an issue at all, I wouldn't even say I had oily skin, but as soon as a layer of foundation is thrown on, it's a whole different ballgame and the main issue I find is keeping the damn thing from sliding off my nose. 

I thought I'd hit the jackpot when my friend recommended Double Wear by Estee Lauder and for a fair few months I've been swearing I will never use another foundation as long as I shall live. It's great and it controls the shine issue as best I thought possible with a good helping of powder. It was the price tag which lead me astray. I'm so reluctant to part with £30 for a foundation that doesn't even come with a pump (what is that even about?!) so I did my research and the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation seemed worth a try at £7.99. I had high hopes but wasn't expecting a miracle- how wrong was I.

So now I've given it away..I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION. Like, seriously love it. It targets all of my previous issues and really knocks them for six. I'm unsure of the 24 hour wear claim because, lets face it, who actually keeps makeup on for 24 hours straight. But I have got a good 16 hours wear from this and still looked as good as it did at 6am. The finish is matte which is absolutely ideal for combo skin like mine as it really eliminates the shine, teamed with a high-coverage means that it really does give a flawless finish. I tend to use my real techniques buffing brush to apply this and then work on top with the stippling brush over problem areas. I finish off with a dust of the matching powder et voila. Good to Go.

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  1. Do you feel this foundation on your skin? I have never tried this before, so that is why I am asking you how do you feel applying this foundation on your face.

  2. Will you recommend this foundation for an oily skin? What will be your suggestions? Will be looking forward to hearing from you. Could you please provide your response at your earliest convenience?

  3. Thanks for the review! What kinds of techniques do you use to apply this foundation on your face? I'd like to give it a try!