New Look - Pure Dusk

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I've noticed within the past few years New Look has been spreading their wings and trying out their own line of makeup and beauty. It seems to be a recurring trend on the high street- Topshop started their makeup collection years ago and even Primark have got in on the action. With drugstores already on the highsteet, theres a lot to compete with in the affordable makeup department. Specialist beauty brands already have their loyal customers and, while brands better known for their clothing can offer very similar products, there's always that 'will it match up to my favourite?' worry. These brands specialise in clothing after all, and we all know beauty is a whole new ball game, so it's no wonder we're slightly hesitant.

I couldn't help but notice a fresh new stand in New Look the other day, however. My local store has had a small makeup stand for a good few months now, but they seem to have recently introduced fragrance into their collection. Now, I've not actually tried any of the original makeup line (despite swatching everything EVERYTIME I buy anything) but it was the fragrance which caught my eye. I'm a sucker for an affordable perfume and ever since I discovered this River Island gem about a year ago, I've vowed never to disregard a clothing-store fragrance again. 

They had testers out and as soon as I had spritzed, I knew I had to have it. I think they had a total of 4 or 5 different scents in the collection which I made my way around to try but my favourite, without a doubt was Pure Dusk. They describe it as "A modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance. It entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of a gourmand blend." It's such a feminine scent, but without the sickly edge you can sometimes. It has a fresh feel to it, being a floral-based scent, and is so feminine, but without the sickliness you can get sometimes with girly perfumes. It came out at just £2.99 for the purse-sized spray and the also £2.99 for a duo rollerball, also featuring Pure Blush (another feminine scent, but VERY floral) which is just such a great price. The full 100ml size comes out at £12.99 which really is incredible when you compare it to the designer scents at £60 a bottle. I'm hooked and will definitely be repurchasing!

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  1. Thanks for the professional review. Have you ever tried an Italian matte lipstick called Aden? How does it feel like? Your impressions must be shared as well!

  2. New Look cosmetics is professional. They, these guys have been spreading their wings trying out their own line of makeup and beauty. It's of high quality!

  3. It seems to be a recurring trend on the high street! It's such a feminine scent! I should give it a try!