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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Theres at least one wardrobe malfunction/makeup mishap/general disaster on a night out. Fact. It's unavoidable and inevitable and normally results in a flurry of girls panicking in the toilets for far too long. I've experienced my fair share of disasters in my years of partying which has naturally lead to a collection fit to correct any catastrophe.

Problem: This dress is too short/too tight/I didn't tan my legs. 
Answer: Tights. It might seem an obvious start but it's all about THE tights. Seriously, these little beauties have revolutionised my nights out and I'll never look back. Yes they're a bit pricey (my exact thought when I first took the plunge) but I can't recommend them enough. The beauty of them is that they're completely invisible- seriously, I have to convince people I'm actually wearing tights and they're available in so many ranges to solve so many problems- built-in shapewear, open-toed for sandals and even contouring for legs (yes, they sell contoured tights!). I've always struggled to find 'tan' tights which actually match my skin. All those 'natural tans' seem to cast a milk bottle-ish tint to my naturally (ahem) tanned legs. The search is over though because this 'suntan' shade are a perfect match and, whats better, is if i don't have time to tan, they'll do the job for me. Result. (I'm honestly not being paid for this!!)

Problem: These killer heels are literally killing me.
Answer: Party Feet. Yup, LIFESAVERS. These jellies mean I can get another few dancing hours from even my most painful shoes (and they're always the prettiest- WHY?!) They also mean I can wear those shoes that are a size too big and bought in the sale, without them sliding off my feet. Genius.

Problem: It's so hot my face is melting.
Answer: Powder. Powder it up. Probably my most-used makeup item ever. When you've got a full face of makeup, it's the height of summer and you're mastering the skill of singing AND dancing, it's understandable to break out in a sweat. But why is it always in the face? I can wear the best foundation I own and my friends can still see their reflection in my face. WHY?? I always resort to powder. Everytime. No questions asked.

Problem: My hair's gone flat.
Answer: Backcomb Brush. You spend longer doing your hair than it took to down the whole bottle of wine, but it still ends up flat within 10 minutes. I ask myself everytime 'is there any point?' to which i answer 'no' and then carry on and do it anyway. There's only so much hairspray you can apply before you resemble a waxwork / become a fire hazard which leaves a backcomb brush the perfect pick-me-up (literally) for those deflated hairstyles.

Problem: Let's have a selfie. Oh wait, my arm's not long enough.
Answer: Yup, you guessed it, Selfie Stick. This one doesn't need a lot of explanation. Once you get over the cringe-iness of it (i'm so over it) you come to realise just what a revelation they are.

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  1. I always take powder when I go out as my skin gets greasy so easy in hot places. Great tips <3