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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It was originally something I was going to add to my Christmas list but somehow I ended up buying one myself. I've been toying with the idea of a gel nail kit for a while now. Being reluctant to spend £20-£30 a time to have my nails done, I've never actually gone for it and have been battling with my own nails for the past 24 years. It's always something I've wanted to have done but I'm not the long nail, pointed nail or embellished nail type which has always left me wondering is it worth it? For those that love their long nails, you can't really beat it, and you'd really struggle to get the same look diy, but for someone who simply wants their polish to last longer than a hair-wash, there must be a simpler (and cheaper) option.

I thought a gel kit was worth a try. I've tried various gel finish polishes before which, although gave a nicer finish, didn't seem to offer much more wear-time than a standard nail polish. Ideally, I didn't want to spend too much on the kit itself as I knew I'd have to buy the polish to go alongside it so when I spotted this Ciate kit in my local TK Maxx for just £25, I couldn't leave it behind. I've found this same set available online for £99 and haven't found it cheaper yet so I was absoloutely thrilled with the price I paid and the reviews seemed to be really good so we got off to a flying start.

The beauty of this kit is you can use your own polish. Yup, any colour you already have in any brand! As long as it's coated in the geltox topcoat, the lamp will cure it, meaning you don't have to spend a fortune buying gel polish to use with it- Bonus! My first choice was 'Orange you still stylish!' by OPI, my most recently purchased nail colour. I prepped my nails, painted as usual and waited for them to fully dry. This took some time but the instructions very specifically state that the nails have to be 'dig your hand into your handbag to find your keys' dry. Once I'd got to this stage, I applied the topcoat and cured for 60 seconds. The finish was super shiny, feeling thick and really durable and it really was. I've been wearing the same polish for over a week and only have very minimal signs of wear- a few of my nails have peeled underneath the gel, causing it to peel off but the stronger nails are still going strong with no chips, knocks or dents. 

Well it achieved what I was looking for- long-lasting nail colour that I don't have to refesh every couple of days so it's a winner in my books. I can't wait to start getting arty with my nails now!!

Have you tried any DIY gel kits?

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  1. Love the orange on your nails!

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    1. thank you! Its such a lovely colour :)
      abi x

  2. Very artsy! i love the pictures <3
    Ps: i fdollowed you on Bloglovin :*

  3. I spend far too much getting my nails done so this would be such a good investment for me - I love that colour by the way! :)

    Viva Epernay ❤

  4. Love the orange on your nails!

  5. This is fantabulous! Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful post with us! I always browse your blog, when I have some free time.

  6. This is the most amazing box of treats for women. I insanely love each article here. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am glad that you were able to achieve a long-lasting nail colour that does not need to be refreshed every couple days. Thank you for the review!