Kate Moss goes Nude #48

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Yup you read that right, Kate Moss' newest collection for Rimmel London is all about the nude. I've been a lover of Kate's lipsticks for a good few years now (evidence + cringy post here) and always seem to gravitate back to them. They've always been a winner in my book. Yes I'm a loyal lover of a good MAC lippy and I don't think you can beat them in terms of shade selection, but £15 a pop for a lipstick definitely adds up...very quickly. I've found this collection to offer a finish just as good for a quarter of the price, which means I just keep coming back for more. So when I spotted some new peachy packaging on offer, I had to investigate further...

The new nude collection is made up of 6 shades claiming there is a nude for every girl. Against the odds, I seem to have chosen the darkest shade on offer, No.48, which I wouldn't really class as a nude shade, but it fits the collection colour palette. It's a dark chocolate brown which looks great as a soft flush of colour blended into the lips, or with couple of coats, gives a much more intense colour. The finish is satin and applies so easily as the formula is lovely and creamy. I feel like the brown lip is so current right now, it's a look thats been reborn with the 90's trend and had a little helping hand by Kylie Jenner and her famous Velvet Teddy. Generally, it's a really wearable look and that applies to this collection as a whole which makes it such a great release from the high-street. This shade in particular, however, is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. I, personally love it and think it's a great update for the A/W berry lip cliche (which, by the way, I still LOVE)  

 I'd definitely recommend trying the Kate Moss lipsticks if you haven't already and this occasion is no different to usual- I'll definitely be back for more! Have you tried any of the new collection?

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