New-trals vs Neutrals

Sunday, 14 February 2016

You know when you’ve had your eye on that one thing for so long that you’re kinda nervous to bite the bullet and just make the order, just in case it doesn’t live up to all your hopes and dreams? I normally get this when I’ve set my sights on a high-end product which could potentially break the bank- I give myself a bit of time to really convince myself I need it and it’ll be worth my pennies. It’s for this reason that I have absolutely no idea why I waited so long before introducing this beauty into my life. I must’ve spotted it a good 4 months ago and, although I haven’t stopped loving it every time I see a review or a photo on MR’s Instagram, I’ve never actually made the order. Turns out all it would take is a face-to-face meeting to seal the deal. As soon as I saw it in store, I knew it was made for me. 

The New-trals vs Neutrals palette introduces the classic nudes we all know and love (almost too much) to a more updated collection of modern basics. The palette as a whole has a very warm tone to it which really compliments a warm skin tone.  It was the top row which really caught my eye- I’ve been searching for a good rusty eyeshadow for a while now and 'trend' in particular ticked all my boxes. The fact that it sat alongside a few more similar shades made the palette as a whole even better value. 

The price, as usual with the MR range, is so affordable and offers amazing quality- its such a dream to work with. This collection cost me £6.99 which I can totally justify. I love it. The shades are so pigmented, so much more than they look on my photo- for some reason it just didn't photograph well in the light, but even the smallest amount goes so far. I just can't wait to get creative with this collection!

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  1. Love how this palette contains both warm and cool tones
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

  2. These colours are so pretty!